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  1. The evaluation shall be done on a First Come First Serve basis.
  2. Answers below 80 words, very poorly organised or unreadable shall not be evaluated.
  3. Answers after 7 pm shall be or shall not be checked. The earlier you submit your answers, higher are the chances of getting it evaluated.
  4. Answers are to be uploaded in either one image or one pdf format. (For Example- If you have written an answer in 3 pages, make a common pdf or image and then upload it)
  5. Always mention the city name/branch name in the bracket along with your name in a comment. For example - Aman (Chandigarh) Or Aman (Mumbai)
  6. No need to worry in case your. answers aren't evaluated for some reason, You can check approach answer daily at 9pm and learn the art of answer writing.

Daily Answer writing

25 Mar

(25 Mar 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Although the river-interlinking projects are deemed necessary for effective water management, they are not free of challenges. Comment. (150 Words)

24 Mar

(24 Mar 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Enumerate the challenges to India's ambitious 'One Sun One World One Grid' aim. Suggest ways to achieve it. (150 Words)

23 Mar

(23 Mar 2021) Question of the Day

Q) India is a country with diverse borders and diverse interactions with neighbouring countries. What challenges does it poses to India in framing a comprehensive asylum policy? What must be the suitable elements of such a policy? (250 Words)

22 Mar

(22 Mar 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Despite noble intentions, the success of a scheme depends finally on the implementations. What are the advantages and the challenges of the new scrapage policy in this regard? (150 Words)Source: The Hindu Editorial: Junk inefficiency

20 Mar

(20 Mar 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Analyse the unique constitutional position of the government of NCT of Delhi. Is there a difference between the meaning of 'aid and advice' as mentioned in the Article 239AA from other parts of the constitution? (250 Words)

19 Mar

(19 Mar 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Vehicles are one of the main contributors to air pollution in India. Enumerate the number of policy initiatives taken by the government to stop vehicular pollution, as well as their economic impact. (250 Words)

18 Mar

(18 Mar 2021) Question of the Day

Q) India has long dealt with capacity under utilization. Comment on the need of a national monetization plan in this context. (150 Words)

17 Mar

(17 Mar 2021) Question of the Day

Q) Often it is difficult to fill the vacancies for the reserved positions in the educational institutes of India. Is the present scheme of reservation sustainable? What steps can be taken to fill such unfilled vacancies. (250 Words)

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