Chahal Academy: A Premier IAS/UPSC Coaching Institute

Chahal Academy is India's one of the premier and fastest-growing coaching institute for Civil Services Examination which is a nationwide competitive examination for recruitment to various Civil Services of the Government of India, including the Indian Administrative Service(IAS), Indian Forest Service(IFS), and Indian Police Service(IPS).

We at Chahal Academy, provide specialized classroom courses and distance learning programs for Indian Civil Services Exams. We thrive to bring out the best in you by creating an environment which helps you in developing your ability to master the complexities involved in the examination and its pattern by providing easy to understand and innovative analysis of previous years exams which would ultimately help you to climb the ladder of success and hence it is the ULTIMATE place to learn and grow.

''The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today''- H. Jackson Brown Jr

Being prepared in advance for tomorrow is what we believe in and this is the need of the hour. At Chahal Academy, we provide long and purposive practice and feed in the essential ingredients of the "I CAN" factor in the students to ensure that whatever they have learned gives a fruitful result.

The Faculty at Chahal Academy is composed of experienced teachers, a dedicated team for developing content for the students and a well supportive and competent administrative staff. With many years of experience in teaching UPSC candidates, we have helped hundreds of students in cracking various examinations and services.

With facilities such as flexible online and offline courses, along with All India Test Series(NCERT, Current Affairs, and General Studies), study material, Infographics, Current Affairs Magazines, valuable materials, answer writing practices, trend analysis and 24/7 assistance to students, we are helping our students to get exactly what they require for the examination. Our willingness and effort to go for the extra mile to help students have received remarkable appreciation and has made Chahal Academy India's Fastest Growing Civil Services Coaching Institute and Gujarat's Civil Services Coaching Institute.

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Get Free IAS Booklet

FAQ's About Institute

You have questions,we have answers.

Generally, we have 45-50 students in a batch. Maximum Capacity is 60.

(a) It helps students to interact with faculty and clear all the doubts. (b) Focus is on personal attention. (c) Our focus is not just on the coaching and preparation but on the selection of our students, for which we expect sincerity and dedication for one to two years from all our students..

Generally it takes 9 to 11 months. However, there are students who cover the course quickly in 6-7 months by attending 2 batches i.e., one regular batch and one weekend batch. It depends upon a student as to how long he wishes to complete all the modules, we provide flexibility to students to attend multiple batches of different modules in order to complete the syllabus in a short span of time. We also provide special course named PGP for revision purpose.

You must join Chahal academy for below-mentioned reasons- 1. Small batch 50 to 60 with proper interaction (not 350+ like others), which is missing in other institutes. 2. Double One to one Mentorship Program (Faculty mentor + Expert Mentor), which is the most unique feature. 3. We provide hard copy of relevant NCERT and relevant STANDARD BOOKS apart from our booklets. 4. We provide special Current Affairs classes in Offline mode. 5. We allow students to attend multiple batches so that you can cover syllabus in short time or revise any module again. 6. 75+ Questions in UPSC-CSE-2021 prelims paper was from our inhouse content. Check you tube for proof. 7. Special focus on basics through NCERT Foundation batch. 8. Special Revision batches before exam in the form of PGP. 9. Monthly report card to track progress. 10. A team of experienced 30+ in-house Faculty members

Yes, we provide complete relevant NCERT books and relevant Standard Reference books. Apart from the books, Chahal Academy booklets are also provided during the course. Faculty members help in making short notes during class. We also provide a special NCERT course to all our students.

We have comprehensive NCERT Course which includes 150+ hours of lectures.

Yes, separate Current Affairs classes are held in offline mode (Regular as well as Weekend).

Yes, Faculty members will provide short notes apart from Chahal academy class notes/booklets.

We have over all 216 selections in UPSC-CSE-2021 and most of them were either from our class room program in 20 branches or mentorship program or other Guidance courses. You can watch our you tube channel and learn from the toppers.

Faculty members and mentors evaluate our Daily Answer Writing program.

We have 4 courses for Mains exam preparation. a) Daily answer writing program. b) Mains Test Series consisting of 31 Tests. c) Mains Mentorship Program d) Subject-wise Online Classes for GS-4, Essay and other modules.

Yes, we have separate modules for essay and languages in GS foundation course.

It is advisable to choose the course duration at the time of admission as fee shall increase later on.

We provide special regular as well as weekend classes (Online & Offline) for current affairs as well as current affairs modules and monthly magazines in hard copy. Apart from this, we provide the following in soft copy- a) What to Read in The Hindu b) What to Read in Indian Express c) The Hindu Editorial Analysis d) Indian Express Editorial Analysis e) Daily Current Affairs f) Daily Current Affairs Quiz (10 QUES DAILY, 250 MONTHLY, 3000 MCQ annually from The Hindu, Indian Express and PIB).

Faculty members and Mentors will help in D. A. W. program and explanation will also be done. Approach answer of D. A. W. program is also available on our portal by 9pm every day.

We have new NCERT latest as per the guidelines by Govt. Of India. And we also cover relevant topics from old NCERT and other state board NCERTs like Tamil Nadu NCERTs.

We have total of 30+ full time faculty members, few of them are as follows- 1. Sumit Tyagi Sir (GS-4, Polity, IR, Internal Security), 2. Rishabh Sir (Economy, Env, IR), 3. Anubhav Sir (Polity, Geo, IR, Society), 4. Bharat Sir (Geo, Env, DM), 5. Prateek Akkanwaru Sir (Complete GS-2, Internal Security) 6. Sumit Sharma Sir (Polity, History & GS-4), 7. Anshul Sir (Polity, Geo, Env, IR), 8. Suhail Sir (History), 9. Hiralal Mandal Sir (GS-4 and Economy), 10. Bharat Dhakkad Sir (GS-2, Society, Internal Security, GS-4). Note- Our full-time faculty members are available for personal mentorship when they are not in classes. Moreover, many special sessions by IAS Toppers are conducted throughout the year.

We will cover ONE SUBJECT by one faculty member. However, some special topics shall be assigned to subject experts or IAS Toppers or retired IAS Officers.

Selected IAS/IPS/IRS Officers will be your mentors at Chahal Academy. Moreover, We provide double mentorship. One will be a personal mentor and second a faculty mentor and both will be available for full course. One mentor will keep track of your progress and faculty mentor will clear all the doubts related to subjects.

Subject expert faculty will teach optional and it will be covered in 3 to 4 months. The optional subjects which we provide are (a) PSIR (b) Sociology (c) Anthropology (d) Geography (e) Mathematics (f) Public Administration (g) Philosophy

If a student has completed class 12th, it is advisable to join unlimited foundation course or 3-year course. 2year course is designed for college going students or working professionals or people who can devote less time for their preparation. 1 year program is for those students (final year graduating/graduates) who are targeting upcoming Civil Services Exam.

Yes, it will be covered in 1 year foundation course by the help of faculties and mentor.

Students can watch recorded lectures any number of times as per their wish till Validity of the course.

Whenever a student starts his/her journey, he/she must attend basic NCERT Course for few weeks before starting any subject-wise module simultaneously. We have a total subject-wise 18 modules and any student can repeat them as per their convenience or revise too. Old students are allowed to repeat the modules as a kind gesture from our end and same facility shall be provided to you.

We have personal Mentorship program, Prelims oriented programs, Test Series and MAINS answer writing program. You can also join our subject-wise module in case you feel that you are not very good at a particular subject.

We have different payment options like-cash, net banking, UPI, debit card, credit card and EMI facilities at 0% interest rate.

Yes, we provide monthly magazine in hard copy. Daily Current affairs updates are available in soft copy like- a) What to Read in The Hindu b) What to Read in Indian Express c) The Hindu Editorial Analysis d) Indian Express Editorial Analysis e) Daily Current Affairs f) Daily Current Affairs Quiz (10 QUES DAILY, 250 MONTHLY, 3000 MCQ annually from sources like The Hindu, Indian Express and PIB).

Yes, Students can give test series in offline and online mode both.

Yes, we have Mains Test Series programs apart from Daily Answer Writing programs.

Chahal Academy was started on June-1,2011. Mr. Sumesh Chahal is the Founder & Director of Chahal Academy Private Limited which is a premier Institution for Civil Services Exam (IAS/IPS/UPSC) Preparation in more than 20 cities. Chahal sir has completed Masters in Finance from University of Delhi. He has worked in reputed organisations like RBI and has been mentoring and guiding IAS aspirants for the most prestigious Civil Services Examination for more than 10 years includind AIR-1,2,3 and many IAS TOPPERS. He is very passionate about teaching and has engaged himself to this noble profession. He is the brain behind the whole programme which has brought exceptional results in fulfilling the dreams of many civil service aspirants of becoming IAS/IPS/IFS/IRS Officers. He has a very deep understanding of the various National and State level Exams and thus is one of best available mentors/faculty in this field. He has specialisation in teaching Economics and other CSE related subjects and is also a guest faculty at renowned colleges and institutions across India.

CHAHAL ACADEMY came into existence in 2011 to impart quality education to the students preparing for Civil Services Examination. At present we have branches in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Anand and Surat. With an experience of many years and also after sending a great number of students into various prestigious services, the institute can proudly claim to be the most dependable institute for complete foundation programme. CHAHAL ACADEMY is known for its experienced faculty, comprehensive coverage, passionate classes, frequent tests, elaborate explanation, excellent study material and its emphasis on personal attention. With a batch size of only 20-30 students, we are able to focus on each student and nurture the best out of them. Moreover with a team of 8-12 experienced faculties under the guidance of Mr. Sumesh Chahal, we finish systematically the entire Prelims and Mains syllabus with a clear timeline. Faculties are very senior and experienced. We renew our reputation on a continuous basis with greater standards year after year. Our material is the best and every year up to date. Our style is simple, effective and formalistic. Our substance is in-depth and relevant.

Ans: CHAHAL ACADEMY focuses entirely on complete foundation course so as to provide students a one point solution at every step of this exam. Along with the foundation course we also integrate the preparation of Essay and conduct of TEST SERIES in this to evaluate students. We offer following courses : 1. GS Prelim-cum-Mains (with CSAT): Covers Prelims Papers I and II as well as the Four Papers of Mains and ESSAY. It takes a time span of 8-9 months. 2. GS Prelim-cum-Mains(without CSAT): Covers Prelims Papers I as well as the Four Papers of Mains and ESSAY. It takes a time span of around 7-8 months. 3. CSAT only: It covers the 2nd paper of preliminary exam. It takes a time span of 2-3 months. 4. PRELIMS ONLY ( GS + CSAT) It covers both papers GS + CSAT. It takes a span of 5 months. 5. Optional Test Series We provide Optional Test Series in following optional subjects : SOCIOLOGY-PUBLIC ADMINSTRATION-ECONOMICS-GEOGRAPHY-HISTORY. 6. GS Mains Test Series: Comprehensive Test series for all four papers of General Studies Mains Examination . 7. GS Prelims Test Series: Usually Starts in between November to January and continues till the date of preliminary examination. 8. Interview: Classes are held for all the candidates with special focus on analysis on DAF form and comprehensive coverage on social, political and economic issues apart from personality development. Course starts after the declaration of Mains result. After classes a number of mock interviews are being conducted to prepare students for the final step of the three tier process.

A standard 2 hours class of CHAHAL ACADEMY is centered on basics. Strives to make the concept clear. Explains with examples. Proper class notes are provided so that students maintain a daily writing habit. it is also enriched with the debates going in contemporary along with newspaper relevant issues. Recent articles associated with the topics going on are provided in the class.No dictation is given, only discussion is conducted in the class. Materials are provided in printed, soft copy and handwritten form. Most of the institution provides class dictation which consume 50% of the course time period. Hence, our 6 months course is equivalent to 12 months course of other institutions. This is the reason, why most of the coaching do not cover full course in the session. However, we cover entire course with due conceptual clarity.

Your chances are the best provided the right strategy is adopted. If you are regular for all classes; read the study material; attend the examinations; come prepared to the class; be ready to take the class room discussions forward with your own readings; write answers and get them corrected, your chances are the brightest.

For regular students , Classes are held daily for 2 hours. After the faculty lectures, students have the option of raising queries either privately or among the students. Students benefit immensely from our Faculty members as they are experienced and knowledgeable. The time table for the entire month is given at the beginning of the month. For weekend students / working professionals - classes will vary from 8-12 hrs on Saturdays and Sundays.

Led by our Director, Mr. SumeshChahal, CHAHAL ACADEMY today attracts some of the finest educators from premier universities and research institutions. Many of our faculty members are drawn from Delhi University and renowned institutions and all those who have UPSC exposure and faced interview two or three times. Also serving officers do come for guest lectures. These committed educators are widely acclaimed for their:  Deep insight in the subject  Interdisciplinary approach towards the subject  Unique teaching methodology focused at lucid explanation of key concepts and developing an analytical understanding  Above all for producing results at the IAS Examinations over the years

Yes, we are honored to be provides test series for Prelims, Mains as well as optional subject.

Yes, we have a well-stocked library and students can also issue books as per their requirements OR those who wish to study at our office can do so in our library during office time.