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MPPSC Available Courses:

Sr No. Course Type Fees (with GST)
1) Complete Course (Video Lectures + Study Material +Test Series) Rs. 20,000/-
2) Recorded Course (1000+ Hours of Video Lectures) Rs. 15,000/-
3) Complete Study Material (23 Booklets) Rs. 4,000/-
4) Prelims Test Series (45 Tests) Rs. 3,000/-

Available Optional Subjects For MPPSC:

Sr No.
Optional Subjects
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Rs. 12,000/- Only

Everything You Need To Know About MPPSC Preparation

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) is a constitutional body. It conducts a competitive exam called the Madhya Pradesh State Services Exam to recruit officers to the state government. MPPSC is also consulted in matters where disciplinary action needs to be taken against a civil servant. To prepare for this exam, proper guidance and coaching are required. Chahal Academy is determined to provide you with the best learning experience. Let us know everything about MPPSC preparation.

Table of Contents

  1. About MPPSC Examination
  2. Role of Coaching in MPPSC Preparation
  3. Reasons to join Online Coaching for MPPSC
  4. Why one should join Chahal Academy for MPPSC ?
  5. Stages of Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission Examination
      • Preliminary Examination
      • Mains Examination
      • Interview
  6. Eligibility Criteria
      • Educational Qualification
      • Age Limit
      • Age Relaxation
  7. Cut-off Marks
  8. How to prepare for Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission
      • For Prelims
      • For Mains
      • For Interview
  9. Booklist for MPPSC preparation

About MPPSC Examination:-

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) recruits for the vacancies in State Services of Madhya Pradesh. So, it releases notification and applications for this examination every year. Eligible candidates can apply online after the release of notification. Further, candidates can prepare for the exam either through offline or online coaching classes. The main purpose of this article is to provide complete information about the MPPSC examination and guidance for the preparation.

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Role of Coaching in MPPSC Preparation

Coaching plays a vital role in helping students prepare for the State Public Service Exams. It helps to increase the chances of success by preparing a customized study plan based on the strengths and weaknesses of the student. It also gives an overview of the examination pattern and changing dynamics. However, it should be noted that coaching cannot guarantee your success. But, it provides an environment for overall development which is needed to crack any exam. Instead, it completely depends on the applicant whether to enroll in one or not.

Reasons to join Online Coaching for MPPSC


  • Your Time and Place : Offline MPPSC coaching has a fixed timetable but online coaching is very flexible. Moreover, the candidate saves time from traveling between home and coaching.
  • Reschedule : The biggest advantage of online coaching is that none of the lectures will be missed. Because you can watch it anytime anywhere on your laptop or phone. In other words, online coaching is the best way to prepare especially if you are working or are looking for classes from home. Also, you can watch the videos whenever you are free.
  • Inexpensive Fee : Generally, the cost of coaching for MPPSC exam preparation is approximately between Rs.50,000/- to Rs.75,000/-. But online coaching with us is inexpensive.

Why one should join Chahal Academy for MPPSC?

Chahal Academy is a one-stop solution to all your queries in Civil services by our expert faculty team. We provide high-quality study material and candidates need not face any difficulty in collecting them. Candidates can trust Chahal Academy for the MPPSC preparation as our academy provides facilities for the overall development of candidates through an interactive learning environment.

  • More than 400 hours of the MPPSC Foundation Course lectures are provided. Our course design includes coverage of a Topic-wise Syllabus. Also, it is taught by the most trusted and senior faculties of our team and you can avail personalized attention in case of any difficulty.
  • The subject matter experts of our academy are supported by an up-to-date content team. On the other hand.
  • You can choose the desired time and place.
  • Above all, the course is super inexpensive.
  • Also, we provide regular tests to improve students' time management and accuracy.
  • Most importantly, the videos of lectures are available 24x7. So, you can watch the videos at your convenience. Chahal Academy focuses on strengthening the base of the student.

Stages of Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission Examination

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) has divided the exam into 3 parts - Prelims, Mains, and the Interview. s.

Preliminary Examination:

Prelims is the first stage of the exam, but it is only an eligibility test and the marks obtained in it will not be considered for the final merit list. The Prelims is divided into 2 parts - General Studies and General Aptitude Test. The duration is 2 hours for each paper. Both papers carry 200 marks each. There is no negative marking in the Madhya Pradesh State Civil Services prelims exam.

Paper Exam Type Marks Duration
General Studies Objective 200 2 hours
General Aptitude Test Objective 200 2 hours

Prelims Syllabus :

For General Studies
  • History, Culture, Literature of Madhya Pradesh.
  • History of India - Struggle for Independence, with special reference to MP.
  • Constitutional System of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Economy Of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Constitution, Government, and Economy of India.
  • General Science and Technology and Environment.
  • Current Events of National and International Importance.
  • Geography of India and the world with special reference to MP.
  • National and Regional Constitutional/Statutory Bodies

For General Aptitude Test
  • Comprehension
  • Logical Reasoning and Analytical Skills
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving Ability
  • Basic Maths
  • Hindi Language Comprehension (Class X Level)

Mains Examination:

This is the next stage after Prelims. It consists of a total of 6 papers- i.e. 4 General Studies papers and 2 Hindi papers. However, the duration is 3 hours for all General Studies papers and General Hindi paper 1st and 2 hours for Hindi Essay paper. For General studies papers 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 300 marks are allocated for each. But, General studies paper 4th and General Hindi is of 200 marks. Also, the General Hindi essay is of 100 marks. Below is a table for a better understanding of the MPPSC Mains exam pattern:

Paper Exam Type Marks Duration
General Studies-I Subjective 300 3 hours
General Studies-II Subjective 300 3 hours
General Studies-III Subjective 300 3 hours
General Studies-IV Subjective 200 3 hours
Hindi Subjective 200 3 hours
Hindi Essay Subjective 100 2 hours

Mains Syllabus


History of India and Madhya Pradesh:
  • World history, Indian history - Ancient, Medieval, and Modern, with broad coverage of aspects of the history of Madhya Pradesh. Also, read about The British invasion and India's struggle for Independence.
  • Try to connect how India's past has shaped the present scenario of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Indian Culture and Heritage of MP.

Geography of India and Madhya Pradesh: General geography and geographical division of Madhya Pradesh and its major river systems:
  • Indian Geography (Both Physical and Human), Soil, and Food Processing Industries.
  • Disaster Management too plays a major role in the MPPSC exam. Read about Man-Made Disasters, Community Planning, and practice Case Studies.


Constitution, Governance, Political and Administrative Structure.
  • Focus on the Indian Constitution, concepts of the Indian constitution, various Constitutional and Extra-constitutional bodies, Indian Political Thinkers, Identity Politics in the Indian Political System, Indian Democracy, Public Administration, Role of Civil Societies, Public Participation, Local Political Developments like Panchayati Raj, Community development, and planning in India and Madhya Pradesh, etc.
  • Questions will test your knowledge of the country’s as well as of Madhya Pradesh's political system.
  • National Income, Agriculture, Banking and Finance system In India, Taxation, Public Distribution, Human Resource Development, International/Regional Trade, etc. with a special focus on Madhya Pradesh.

  • Focus on Health Services, Technological developments in the field of family, and social welfare.
  • Current updates in the field of Education Systems with a special focus on elementary and girl education.
  • Also, read about HRD and a few relevant International Organizations.


  • Basics in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Statistics, emerging technologies like Space Technologies, Biotechnology, Nano-technology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), and associated issues.
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)- Basics and applications.
  • Contribution of Indians to Science and Technology.
  • Basic Numeracy and Statistics, Mensuration, Profit, and Loss.
  • Energy- Resources, Possibilities, and challenges, India's strategy for Energy Security, etc.
  • Basics of Environment and Ecology.


  • Philosophy, Psychology, and Public Administration.
  • Indian and Western Philosophical thinkers/ Social Reformers.
  • Psychological concepts like attitude, aptitude, motivation, Emotional Intelligence, etc., and their application in public administration. Ethics and Values in Public Administration.
  • Case studies on the above topics.


  • General Hindi and Grammer
  • Indian and Western Philosophical thinkers/ Social Reformers.
  • Hindi Essay and Format Writing

Interview Stage:

MPPSC Mock Interview

  • This is the last stage and it is of 175 marks. It tests the candidate's caliber and character for the post. . However, the candidate must be updated on current affairs to crack the exam.
  • The Viva-voce will be to test the personality of the candidates. This test will be in matters of general interest and is intended to test the candidate’s alertness. For instance, Intelligence and general outlook on general topics will be tested.

Eligibility Criteria – Important for MPPSC preparation

There are certain criteria that you need to fulfill in order to be able to sit for the MP state service exam.
  • The candidate must be an Indian Citizen.
  • Male candidates with more than 1 wife are not eligible. Also, females who have married a male, already have a wife are not eligible.
  • Also, for some posts, physical tests are important>

Educational Qualification

  • The candidates must hold a degree equivalent to graduation from any recognized university.
  • The candidates who have professional and technical qualifications from the recognized university must be equal to a professional or technical degree.

Age Limit

  • The minimum age is 21 years and the maximum is 40 but there is provision for age relaxation for various category aspirants.

Age Relaxation

Category MPPSC Age Limit - Age Relaxation
All women candidates irrespective of their domicile of 5 years 10 years
Physically Handicapped persons 5 years
SC/ST/OBC Domiciles of MP 5 years
Personnel from Defence Services 3 years
Widow, Divorcee or abandoned at the time of her first appointment 5 years
Green card holders under the Family Welfare Programme 2 years
Vikram Awardee - honoured sportsmen, as per MPPSC General AD memo 5 years
Defence Services Personnel 3 years

Cut-Off Marks

The cut off for Prelims Examination of 2018 of Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission were announced in which:
  • For the General category, the cutoff for prelims was: 138(Male) / 128(Female) marks.
  • For the OBC category, the cutoff for prelims was: 134(Male) / 132 (Female) marks.
  • For the SC/ST category, the cutoff for prelims was: 126(Male) / 122(Female) marks.

How to Prepare for Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission

For Prelims:-

  • Newspaper - You should read the newspaper daily. The newspaper will give you all the current affairs, international affairs, and much more. Read the Hindu editorial analysis for guidance.
  • Government Websites - Government websites will provide you with 100% authentic information. Also, you should trust these authentic sites only.
  • Keep your Booklist short - You do not need every book in the world for preparation, pick the best books and keep your booklist short.
  • Notes - Prepare precise notes so you do not have to read the books again and again. Make sure you enter only relevant details in your notes.
  • Revision - Revision is the key to clearing MPPSC exam as it will help you in the long run.
  • Mock Tests - You should always appear for multiple mock tests. Because it helps you to brush up on your skills and knowledge. Also, it will prepare you for the final day.

For Mains:-

  • Again, the newspaper is an inevitable step. Moreover, it will keep you updated and will help you produce relevant answers.
  • You should read those books which will strengthen your base.
  • Always trust government websites as they are authentic.
  • You should always make your notes precisely. Also, always prepare the notes for prelims and mains together. This will save you time and spare room for revision.
  • Mock tests and Revisions will increase your speed and skills.

For Interview:-

For the last stage, you must sit for mock Interviews. This will help you to experience Q and A round with an interviewer panel which will prepare your body and mind for the final day. So, brush up your skills with the mock Interviews and enhance your personality. Further, keep yourself updated with all the current issues.

Booklist for MPPSC preparation:-


  1. History: Spectrum for Modern India and NCERT books for Ancient and Medieval India.
  2. Geography: NCERT books of class XI and XII along with the G.C Leong book. While studying Geography, you should always have Orient Blakswan Atlas to mark the place, mountains, and rivers on the Atlas.
  3. Indian Economy: Read Chahal Academy Economy booklet. Further, a large number of economy questions come from Current affairs also.
  4. General Science: NCERT books from 6th to 12th books, you can also read Tata McGraw Hill book.
  5. Environment: Chahal Academy Environment booklet or IGNOU material is more than enough.
  6. Polity: Go for M. Laxmikant. There is no substitute for this book for the Indian Polity and constitution section.
  7. Madhya Pradesh Special: You can pick any book for Madhya Pradesh special preparation book. For example, Upkar publication book for Madhya Pradesh special, yearbook of PD, Ghatna Chakra yearly compilation for state special.

You can also check UPSC/IAS preparation strategy if you wish to prepare for the same.

Finally, you must have faith in yourself and your mentors and should work hard to make it happen. Secondly, you must have a strategy for preparation. You need not worry about the strategy as we at Chahal Academy will provide the exact study plan keeping in mind the vast syllabus, your needs, and your lifestyle. For more details, you can visit the official website of MPPSC.