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What to Read in Indian Express for UPSC Exam

08 Jan

08 Jan 2024 : The Indian Express

1. Behind Jammu terror attacks, small units of Lashkar and Jaish, 2. Maldives suspends 3 ministers after row over their remarks against Modi

06 Jan

06 Jan 2024 : The Indian Express

1.Higher govt spend & investment set stage for 7.3 pc growth in FY24,, 2. Navi foils hijacking bid in Arabian Sea, commandos rescue crew with 15 Indians

05 Jan

05 Jan 2024 : The Indian Express

1. Aditya L1, ISRO’s mission to study Sun, set to be placed in final orbit tomorrow , 2. India, Nepal sign power pact, MoU in renewable energy

04 Jan

04 Jan 2024 : The Indian Express

1. ISIS trying to make foothold: Pak minister 2. As flames surged, order prevailed inside the Japan Airlines plane

03 Jan

03 Jan 2024 : The Indian Express

1. Govt ready with rules for CAA, set to be notified before polls announcement , 2. Another eye in sky, on ground: India is now part of world’s largest radio telescope project

02 Jan

02 Jan 2024 : The Indian Express

1. Govt declared Canada-based Goldy Brar a terrorist,, 2. Ministries flagged MSP concerns: Low returns to rising oil imports

01 Jan

01 Jan 2024 : The Indian Express

1. Pakistan, Taliban plan cleric, official visits to ease tension over TTP,, 2. Navy boosts Arabian Sea surveillance and security

30 Dec

30 Dec 2023 : The Indian Express

1. China names Dong Jun, ex-Navy chief, as Defence Minister, 2. ULFA faction signs peace agreement, Shah hails it as a golden day for Assam


INDIAN EXPRESS is one of the major source for current affairs preparation in UPSC CSE. It helps to inculcate a multidimensional approach in mains answer writing and facts also help in prelims.However, like any other sources, reading it end to end is not necessary.

Important topics to focus on:

  • Topics related to national/international heritage, new GI tags, current geographical phenomenon, issues related to women and society, health, education, social security etc.
  • Topics related to Governance, Constitution, Constitutional amendment, High court and Supreme Court verdicts, government Policies and schemes, Diplomatic relations, International relations, Multilateral Forums etc.
  • World and Indian Economy, Employment, Poverty, Budget, National and International Security, Natural Disasters, Environment and Climate Change.
  • Selected articles in Explained section.
  • Case studies related to topics in the UPSC-CSE syllabus.


  • News on Sports, Death, Awards, Politics, Crime, Cinema, share market details etc.
  • Note making of each topic.

But, it is difficult for beginners to identify all the relevant topics for UPSC CSE. So you can click on the links below to know what to read from Indian Express daily-

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