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What to Read in Indian Express for UPSC Exam

29 Dec

29 Dec 2023 : The Indian Express

1. US allies reluctant on Red Sea task force, only 12 of 20 countries willing to join 2. US maintains Cold War mindset: China after breakthrough military discussion

28 Dec

28 Dec 2023 : The Indian Express

1. Avoid mistakes, win hearts: Rajnath to troops after J&K civilian deaths, 2. Putin invites Modi to Russia, says has kept him posted on Ukraine situation

27 Dec

27 Dec 2023 : The Indian Express

1. Turkey panel nod takes Sweden closer to NATO membership, 2. Iran increasing production of enriched uranium, says IAEA report

26 Dec

26 Dec 2023 : The Indian Express

1. ‘Court can’t be placed to politically handle the Govt…the Court can’t be the opposition’, 2. As Modi skips annual summit again, Jaishankar goes to Russia for talks

25 Dec

25 Dec 2023 : The Indian Express

1. Death of 3 civilians: Army orders CoI, changes in levels of command likely , 2. Another cargo ship on way to India hit by drone; was fired by Houthis, says US

23 Dec

23 Dec 2023 : The Indian Express

1. Delhi-Paris Pact: Macron to be Chief Guest this Republic Day 2. India-made LCA, LCH can boost clout in Global South: IAF Chief

22 Dec

22 Dec 2023 : The Indian Express

1. Rating agencies too subjective, loaded against India, need reform: CEA

21 Dec

21 Dec 2023 : The Indian Express

1. Hamas leader visit Egypt amid intense efforts for Gaza ceasefire 2. EU agrees on new rules for hosting migrants, seeks to reduce numbers


INDIAN EXPRESS is one of the major source for current affairs preparation in UPSC CSE. It helps to inculcate a multidimensional approach in mains answer writing and facts also help in prelims.However, like any other sources, reading it end to end is not necessary.

Important topics to focus on:

  • Topics related to national/international heritage, new GI tags, current geographical phenomenon, issues related to women and society, health, education, social security etc.
  • Topics related to Governance, Constitution, Constitutional amendment, High court and Supreme Court verdicts, government Policies and schemes, Diplomatic relations, International relations, Multilateral Forums etc.
  • World and Indian Economy, Employment, Poverty, Budget, National and International Security, Natural Disasters, Environment and Climate Change.
  • Selected articles in Explained section.
  • Case studies related to topics in the UPSC-CSE syllabus.


  • News on Sports, Death, Awards, Politics, Crime, Cinema, share market details etc.
  • Note making of each topic.

But, it is difficult for beginners to identify all the relevant topics for UPSC CSE. So you can click on the links below to know what to read from Indian Express daily-

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