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  1. The evaluation shall be done on a First Come First Serve basis.
  2. Answers below 80 words, very poorly organised or unreadable shall not be evaluated.
  3. Answers after 7 pm shall be or shall not be checked. The earlier you submit your answers, higher are the chances of getting it evaluated.
  4. Answers are to be uploaded in either one image or one pdf format. (For Example- If you have written an answer in 3 pages, make a common pdf or image and then upload it)
  5. Always mention the city name/branch name in the bracket along with your name in a comment. For example - Aman (Chandigarh) Or Aman (Mumbai)
  6. No need to worry in case your. answers aren't evaluated for some reason, You can check approach answer daily at 9pm and learn the art of answer writing.

Daily Answer writing

12 Dec

12 Dec 2023 , Question of the Day

Q. Discuss the factors affecting GDP growth post COVID-19 pandemic. In light of current global headwinds, suggest measures to have a sustained economic growth.

11 Dec

11 Dec 2023 , Question of the Day

Q. Examine implications of China's debt trap diplomacy in South Asia. How can India offset instability created by Chinese debt?

09 Dec

09 Dec 2023 , Question of the Day

Q. Road safety and environmental sustainability are interrelated. Examine the issue of road safety and suggest a way forward.

08 Dec

08 Dec 2023 , Question of the Day

Q. Election Commission of India has come under criticism in recent times. Discuss. Also suggest reforms that are needed to make the Election Commission of India more robust and to uphold its independence.

07 Dec

07 Dec 2023 , Question of the Day

Q. India has taken various measures to enhance its preparedness in responding to cyber-warfare threats. The dynamic nature of cyber threats requires continuous adaptation and improvement of strategies, policies and capabilities. Examine.

06 Dec

06 Dec 2023 , Question of the Day

Q. Discuss the problems faced by Model Code of Conduct in contemporary digital age of election campaign.

05 Dec

05 Dec 2023 , Question of the Day

Q. Should the criteria for special category status (SCS) for Indian states be revisited? Critically examine.

04 Dec

04 Dec 2023 , Question of the Day

Q. Analyse Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967 in terms of its objectives, provisions and implications.

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