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  1. The evaluation shall be done on a First Come First Serve basis.
  2. Answers below 80 words, very poorly organised or unreadable shall not be evaluated.
  3. Answers after 7 pm shall be or shall not be checked. The earlier you submit your answers, higher are the chances of getting it evaluated.
  4. Answers are to be uploaded in either one image or one pdf format. (For Example- If you have written an answer in 3 pages, make a common pdf or image and then upload it)
  5. Always mention the city name/branch name in the bracket along with your name in a comment. For example - Aman (Chandigarh) Or Aman (Mumbai)
  6. No need to worry in case your. answers aren't evaluated for some reason, You can check approach answer daily at 9pm and learn the art of answer writing.

Daily Answer writing

09 Jan

09 Jan 2024 , Question of the Day

Q. What is goods and services tax? Critically examine the GST regime.

08 Jan

08 Jan 2024 , Question of the Day

Q. Debate on the idea of moving towards Internationalisation of Indian rupee.

06 Jan

06 Jan 2024 , Question of the Day

Q. Explain gene therapy and discuss the possibilities and potential issues that are associated with this technology.

05 Jan

05 Jan 2024 , Question of the Day

Q. What is carbon border tax. Examine its impact on the global market and on India.

04 Jan

04 Jan 2024 , Question of the Day

Q. Glaciers are melting at a faster rate than ever before. In the light of above statement, analyse the impact of glacier melting across the world.

03 Jan

03 Jan 2024 , Question of the Day

Q. Define persistent organic pollutants. Describe their impact on environment and human health along with measures taken by government to combat these pollutants.

02 Jan

02 Jan 2024 , Question of the Day

Q. Discuss the significance and challenges associated with the recent overhaul of criminal laws in India, replacing outdated statutes with new ones.

01 Jan

01 Jan 2024 , Question of the Day

Q. Examine issues in India's fundamental right to religion. Discuss measures to tackle the issue of deceitful and forced conversions.

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